To use this application type some information about the form you want and then press the "Enter" key or click the "Search Forms" button and then click the "Open" button to download or view your form. Alternatively click the "Find Forms by Location and Category" button and then click on the buttons until you see the form you want.  Once there you may download or view single forms by clicking on the particular form button.  Clicking the “Download All” button causes a zip file of all the forms in the group to be prepared and downloaded. It may take a few seconds to prepare the zip file.

To access your file if you are not asked where to download the file, look in your download folder.  If you cannot open the file you will need to download and install “Winzip”, “Winrar” or some other zip file unpacking tool.  “Winzip” is a free tool on android, iPhone and iPad.  You may also need a “pdf” reading tool such as “Adobe Reader.”  Adobe Reader is free on all systems (On Windows you can get Adobe Reader here. On Android check Google Play. On iPhone or iPad check the App Store).  On Android, iPhone and iPad Adobe Reader will find your downloaded files.   If your file is of type doc, docx, xls, xlsx or rft you may need Microsoft Word (or Word Viewer), Excel (or Excel Viewer) or other program that reads Microsoft formatted documents. On Linux this might be “OpenOffice” and on Android, iPhone and iPad reader programs are included as part of the basic installation.

!Important! If you were an early tester of this application you will need to clear the browser cache once for this application to work properly now.

For Chrome: Menu->Tools->Clear browsing data. Select "From the begining of time. Select only "Cache" the and hit the "Clear Browsing data" button.
For Internet Explorer: Menu->Tools>Delete Browsing History... Select only "Temporary Internet Files"" and then hit the "Delete" button.
For Firefox: Menu->Tools->Options->Advanced->Network->Cached Web Content->Clear Now.
For Opera: Close all pages. Opera->Settings->Delete Private Data. Select only "Clear Entire Cache" and hit "Delete" button. Close the page.
For Safari: Menu->Edit->Empty Cache...
For Some versions of Safari: clearing the cache can only be done manually. Follow these steps to clear your browser cache manually:
1. Open "Finder"
2. In the menu at the top of your screen select "Go"
3. While the "Go" menu is dropped down press and hold the "option" key on your keyboard. This will reveal the selection "Library" Select "Library"
4. Navigate into the folder "Caches"
5. Next navigate into the folder ""
6. In this folder you will see a file named "Cache.db"
7. Right click the "Cache.db" file and select "Move to Trash"
8. Now restart Safari by right clicking the Safari icon at the bottom of your screen and select "Quit"
9. You have now successfully cleared your browser cache.


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