Pressing the /(?) key on your keyboard or Help button at the top shows or hides this help message.
Drop down menus do not haved to be used.
You can type what you are looking for in the Search field at the bottom.
Making no entry in the search field finds everything specified by the drop down menus.
Multiple words in the search field are implicitly OR searched.
+ at the beginning of a word means the word must exist.
- at the beginning of a word means the word must not exist.
* can be used anywhere and is a wild card.
Enclosing a phrase in double quotes (") finds an exact match.
If you select a drop down menu your search will be restricted to that selection.
You may start with the Judicial Level or the Form Category Name or both.
The drop down menus are contextually sensitive.
That is only relevant choices are presented at each level.
If the drop down menu choice you are looking for is not available,
then no form or information is in the data base for that choice.
Pressing the "Enter Key" does the same as clicking (or pressing) the "Search" button.
Clicking (or pressing) the "Reset" button resets all drop down menus to their default values.
Clicking (or pressing) the "Packets" button finds all form packets selected by the dropdown menus.
You must select a "Judicial Level" and Judicial Entity before pressing the "Packets" button.
The "Search" field is not used when looking at packets.

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